Favourites of organic, holistic skin care

I have been loving all about natural, no chemical organic skincare. It has tons of benefits to our skin. I have tried many different facial treatments because I love pretty much everything about skin care. Today I want to tell about two of my all times favorite face treatments since I tried them. It is Tata Harper Purifying Mask. Is really a superb home treatment facial. Will leave your skin super clean without stripping your natural oils or irritating it.I saw very sudden results, my skin was literally glowing and feeling clean. I have combination, sensitive skin with some dry areas which is easy to irritate, but I can promise you guys won’t regret trying this mask.You can also go to Sephora store and ask for a sample before investing in it, since this treatment on a pricey side.745325_in_pp.jpg

Another one of my favorite treatment as well Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is a natural beta-hydroxy treatment will leave your face radiant. It left my skin glowy, cleared my pores, shrunk the size of it.
It does not irritate my skin. Sometimes I leave it for the night and peel it off in the morning and wash off the rest of it.


Your Hair Saver

Many of us are concerned about our hair. Today I would love to share my personal super find; a product that is taking great care of my hair. One day I was browsing the internet and found this product by Michael Van Clark  3”’ More Inches – Lifesaver Pre-Wash Treatment, 500ml$40   so I decided to give it a try and decided to buy it.  I did not have my hopes and expectations high. When I received it I followed the instructions and didn’t shampoo my hair for 3-days prior to putting this product on. After putting it on, It dried out pretty fast and made my hair feel silky smooth. It was pleasant to touch it:)  After maybe three hours I showered, followed my regular hair care routine and Voila, my super fine hair was super silky yet manageable right after the shower. I was very impressed with the first application. Now it has been almost two months since I’ve been using it, I wash my hair 2-3 times per week. After intensely testing this product I satisfied with it. I do not see any splitting or damaged ends. Although it is easy to get on my hair because of my dry ends & oily roots.  It’s a great product to use before you hit the beach or a pool to prevent sun damage. I can honestly tell my hair is much healthier, manageable and nourished. You can pick this product up from the Net-a-Porter website, but unfortunately when it happens to be in stock, which is rarely. Luckily I still have half of the bottle left, it will last you quite awhile.  I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to save hair from everyday damages.


Treatment for Growing Long Hair
Long Hair Treatment


Photos Source:  Net-a-Porter.com

Dr. Perricone firming eye cream

Hello beauties, today I would like to share with you, my personal experience of dr. Perricone firming eye cream.  I love his products, they usually work well for me and since the age of 26, I have been trying different things of his line. This eye cream does not smell, I bought it because it claims to be hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic – Firming Eye Cream

This particular cream did nothing for my eyes, although I wanted to love it. It made my eye watery, which probably increased sensitivity. So if you have sensitive under eye skin it probably won’t do any good for you. But it is my personal experience and I am still looking for my perfect under eye cream. If you guys have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!


Thank you

Racism at a Glance

Racism at a Glance – Bogdana Gibson

Prejudice, discrimination, and racism are often times confused with one another. Let’s be frank our own Government perpetuates racism/discrimination and prejudice starting with programs like the Census Bureau and Affirmative Action. For the Government to ask what Gender, Race or Color of Skin we have in itself perpetuates a symbolism of divide. One can look at the population census for example and find varying races hired into different Government agencies not based on qualification but purely based on Sex and Race. It’s quite sad honestly that our system is built on discrimination. This also is partly a downfall of any Country. I for one would not want to get hired or accepted into a school because of my income, race or sex. I want acceptance based on my credentials, intelligence and marks in class as well as hard work and ethics. There seems to be a lot of confusion these days that people begin to think they are entitled to a high paying job because they have a piece of paper that says they completed 4-years of advanced education? What our Country needs is to step back for a moment and look in the mirror. How hard do you work? Does another person work harder or have more potential than you? Then don’t feel bad if you don’t get hired. Get hired based on merit.

I believe people can overcome Racism, jealousy, and differences. We must put aside labels and programs like affirmative action. Educate yourself and bring back the school of hard knocks. Our Country is built my all walks of life. But I think what is most important is to remember that just because 80% of a certain race make up the majority of silicone valley programmers is not based on racism but on interest. Just as the majority of Hockey Players or NBA stars make up certain races. This means we must step back and look in the mirror at what we want to be and know full well if we choose that goal — we must be better than the one next to us and work harder. But it is not based on race, discrimination or prejudice but instead based on qualifications.

Let our Government step in, our leaders step in, our educated step in and unite us instead of dividing us. The uneducated and not in a literal term seem to make excuses about why we can’t instead of thinking why we can. Don’t let anyone tear you down! I forever will have you all in my heart as for the United Nations need to unite.

We the United People Stand Together


Photo credit http://www.dailyalternative.co.uk/racism-ultimate-illusion/